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Code Of Conduct

All Stakeholder Team participants agree to act in good faith in all aspects of the discussions. This includes being honest and refraining from undertaking any actions that will undermine or threaten the process. It also includes behavior outside of meetings.  Expectations include:

  • Stakeholders should work in a collaborative and respectful manner, and in accordance with this Charter, within the Stakeholder Team process.

  • Members agree to be respectful at all times of other representatives, alternates, ODFW staff, and audience members. Members will listen to each other to seek to understand the other's perspective, even if they disagree.

  • One person will speak at a time. Side conversations and other meeting disruptions will be avoided.

  • Members agree to make every effort to bring all aspects of their concerns about these issues into this process to be addressed.

  • Members agree to refrain from personal attacks, disruptive behavior, intentionally undermining the process, and publicly criticizing or misstating the positions taken by any other participants during the process. Concerns regarding personal attacks or intentional misinformation outside of meetings will be brought to the attention of ODFW. If evidence justifies, the offending member will be advised of such concerns. Continued violations of these ground rules may result in removal by ODFW of the member from the Stakeholder Team.

  • Any written communications, including e-mails, blogs and other social networking media, will be mindful of these procedural ground rules and will maintain a respectful tone even if highlighting different perspectives. Members are reminded that e-mail, blogs and other social networking media may be considered public documents. E-mails and social networking messages meant for the entire group will be distributed via ODFW.

  • Individual Stakeholder Members and alternates agree to not present themselves as speaking for the Stakeholder Team without specific direction and approval by the Stakeholder Team.

  • Non-members may attend meetings as observers, provide comments during public comment periods, and submit written comments for distribution to the Stakeholder Team, but may not otherwise participate in the Stakeholder Team deliberations except during specific times on the agenda

  • Requests for information made outside of meetings will be directed to ODFW. Responses to such requests will be limited to items that can be provided within a reasonable amount of time.

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